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Ever wonder why some songs get taken by publishers & song pluggers and other songs don’t? Have you ever heard this comment “It’s a good song, it’s just not a GREAT song”?

As someone who is currently pitching outside writer’s songs to Industry Professionals through the SongTuner’sPitch to Pro Pipeline” and“Pitch My Song” services, I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. It has certainly changed my life as a songwriter and how I approach the craft.

So how do you take a good song to the next level and make it great?

This workshop will break down your songs into 4 areas:

Hook    ~      Lyric      ~    Melody   ~    Idea

What works ~ what doesn’t?

Learn what the common factors are of songs that get taken by the Song Pluggers & Publishers! I will also be using past hit songs and songs that are currently on the radio to demonstrate these principles!

Time allowing, I will listen to your songs and let you know if your songs are ready. If not, I will show you where your song may be weak how to improve it.

Learn how to go from good to great and make your song a hit before you pitch it!!

Sandy Ramos

“Good songs collect dust – GREAT songs collect royalties!”

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